Vermicomposting is a good thing to do. Also the jury of the Swiss DIY supplier Jumbo like the idea to combine a vermicomposting system with a raised bed.

Inspired by a mobile raised bed we have seen on another website, we had the idea to produce the vermicompost at the place it’s used mostly. Driven by the ideas of a permaculture design, things and plants in a garden should serve multiple purposes. We therefore combined the advantages of a raised bed like the easy gardening with the requirements of an efficient vermicomposting system.

If you want to use composting worms to recycle organic waste like kitchen scarps and old fruits or vegetables to high quality vermicastings, a continuous flow through system, short CFT, is the best choice. In a CFT worm bin you put your organic kitchen waste on the top of the system. Them worms brake it down and create the worm castings. Layer by layer you get the vermicompost which you can harvest at the bottom of the CFT system.

With the award in the DIY competition by Jumbo we are now able to realise this combined vermicomposter and we can start with the detail planning. We will report on the realisation of this project.

A big thank you to the whole Jumbo team for their support.

Author Alain

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